Catching up

Apologies that there was no post last weekend; I was swamped with teaching stuff. I have weekends like that where I can’t breathe for the amount of stuff I have to do. Last weekend was really busy with Church things as well. We had a special Evensong for Harvest. We joined the choir of Peterson Super Ely especially for the occasion. It was really lovely and it sounded beautiful. St Paul’s choir only has 8 women so we normally do 2 part pieces. I’ve sung in choirs, either at school or at Church, since I was five so to be able to have all four parts there was wonderful. It kept me buoyed up for the whole week. Music does amazing things for the soul.

I made some major changes last week as well; I went platinum and had my short hair cut even shorter. I just fancied it and I love how it looks. It’s fun and funky and it’s given me a lift.

This week is Frances of Assisi’s festival. St Frances is the patron saint of animals and lots of Churches do animal blessings on the Sunday closest where you bring your pet to Church. I love this idea as animals bring us so much joy and comfort. However, I own 7 guinea pigs. They hate being lifted across the room for a cuddle so imagine how panicked they’d be if we took them to Church! Instead I will post photos of them here, starting with our 3 little ones on the Rainbow Bridge.

SDC10284Merry  SDC10674Pippin

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Things are really progressing well with ‘Cruelty’. We’re already on Chapter 23 and Jo is hoping that we will be done by the end of October, which is really quick. After that we’re going to merge a few chapters to help with pacing before formatting. I haven’t really had time to work on my current WIP. I do want to get it finished (by hand) so that I can start editing it in the new year but ‘Cruelty’ needs to take precedence. My interview with Kristell Ink went up last week and it has a sneak preview so if you want to check it out, click the link. My featured image this week is a picture of Oberon (King of the Fairies from A Midsummer Night’s Dream fame) which I found a couple of years ago when I was teaching the play to a year 11 class. This image really speaks to me and in fact inspired me me in my creation of Faroust. It is both menacing and beautiful, something which I hope I get across in Faroust himself. Although not the complete image of my dark god, I hope it gives you an insight into how he looks in my head.

There’s another book I am excited about and that is ‘Prince Lestat’. It is no secret that I am huge Anne Rice fan and that I love Lestat long time. I fell in love with ‘The Vampire Chronicles’ when I was 12. RTE 1 decided to show ‘Interview with the Vampire’ on TV at 6 in the afternoon one Saturday and I watched it without my parents’ permission. I was hooked. My dark little pre-teen soul had long since found vampires interesting (much to the worry of my Christian parents. My dad is a vicar and was absolutely convinced I was bound for Hell if I kept reading vampire novels) and there was something about the bratty blonde one that made me both smile and shake in fear. I ran to my local library and took the first book out. Joy of joys, it was more beautiful and dark than the film and a life long appreciation of Ms Rice and her incredible work was cemented.

I love Anne Rice’s work and her way with language. She creates beautiful landscapes and stunning characters. Her narratives are always engaging and even her obsession with Lestat doesn’t detract from the quality of her storytelling. I love her work so much that I wrote my Masters dissertation on her. ‘Angel Time’ makes me weep and ‘The Wolf Gift’ is a very clever take on the werewolf myth. I was almost dizzy with excitement when I heard there was going to be a new Lestat novel.

Then I decided to like Rice’s Facebook page. Oh. Dear. Lord. Anne’s fans are scary. There are lots like me, who love and read the books, who know the stories, have a soft spot for ‘Blackwood Farm’ and are looking forward to Lestat being back to his bratty, cocky self. And then there are the others. Others who rip each other to pieces when someone has forgotten some minute detail of the books or who, God forbid, actually enjoyed the 2000 adaption of ‘The Queen of the Damned’ (hmmm, not entirely sure I disagree there). There are the ones who have changed their names or have bad tattoos or had dental work done to have fangs (I kid you not). They are rabid and they have no mercy for those who do not love Lestat as passionately as they do.

Rice has got a ‘ask Lestat a question’ thread on her FB page at the moment. Lestat will answer one question a day and as an English teacher, I like the idea, it’s fun and gives fans what they want; a chance to speak to their favourite character. Now we’ve all wanted that, all thought ‘Oh I’d love to ask that of him/her.’ The cynical part of me believes that it’s whipping them up into a frenzy and some free marketing for the book (or even ideas for another novel. Wicked? Me?) Some of the questions are interesting and if they happened in an English classroom, I would be impressed as they show a deep understanding of the main themes of novels etc. Some of them are just bizzare. For example ‘Which race is your favourite flavour?’ rachels-wtf-face

What? Who asks that kind of question? Others include ‘Would you make another fledgling? Can it be me?’ or ‘Do you miss sex?’ (Bit personal) Others start with ‘Beautiful, gorgeous, mighty Lestat’ or ‘First of all, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for gracing us with your presence.’ I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade but (deep breath) the man isn’t real. Calm down. It’s just a bit of fun. People are actually getting upset when others ask the same question or abusing each other because they deem someone else’s question unworthy of Lestat’s attention. It’s not nice or kind and it makes me queasy. It also smacks of ‘Twilight’ fandom, teenagers unable to control their hormones or emotions. It makes me uncomfortable. As do the sexual propositions. Lestat is dead. Vampires are dead. They are dead bodies. Undead = dead but not gone. Sex with dead things is necrophilia. Ummmmm nope. No thank you. Uh-uh.

All that said, I am still a fan. I will always be a fan. I love the books and the Brat Prince is always going to be my favourite vampire but I don’t think my dad has to worry too much about my soul. Hmmm? What’s that? What’s my question? Oh nothing too weird, just ‘Do you regret what you did to Nicky?’ Am I going to ask it? Not a bloody chance!

Until next time.

Ellen. xxx


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