Partings and meetings

This week has been really hard but some awesome things have happened too. Sadly, our little pirate piggy Meg, went off her food this week, which for cavies is never a good sign. We rushed her to the emergency vet, who gave us a food called Critical Care and took her for a scan the next day. Her liver was full of lesions and was breaking down. We’d taken her to the vet about 6 weeks ago and there was no sign of a problem. Sadly, the rapid growth of the tumours suggest that it was something genetic and there was nothing we could do.

We were told that she’d been eating and that we would probably have her until Christmas. It wasn’t meant to be. On Wednesday, she was completely refusing food and water so we booked her in to be put to sleep on Thursday morning. When I came down on Thursday, it was clear she wasn’t even going to make it to her appointment. I thought she’d passed so I lifted her and then she screamed. Actually screamed. I have never heard anything like it. I put her back down and her sisters gathered round to say goodbye. By the time Adam came down, she had passed.

We only had her for three years but she brought us no end of joy. I’m glad she passed with her family around her. Taking your pet alive and bringing them back dead, especially when you have a large herd like us, is really difficult for them. Guinea pigs have a death ritual. They groom the dead piggy and stand around her for a while. It’s really important, even if you have to have them put down, that you allow them to do that. Otherwise it causes all kinds of problems in the family. Even now, Penny is throwing her weight around, bullying some of the ones lower down in the pecking order because she’s upset.

We will miss you Meg. Sleep tight, pirate queen.


On the same day that we lost Meg, our friends Drew and Sarah had their baby boy, Vincent Victor, a few weeks early. He’s perfectly healthy and doing well and we’re so happy for them, especially as Sarah didn’t have a good pregnancy. She was carrying too much water and she went into labour early last month, which they managed to stop. Our friends went up last night and we’re hoping to see them soon, when my cold has passed.

The last of the Christmas gifts arrived and I am pointedly ignoring my bank balance. I only have 2 weeks left at work until the holidays, which are sorely needed given how much work needs done. I’ve already marked all my year 11 Controlled Assessments, Year 12 exams and year 11 exams. I have year 10, 8 and 7 to do and have year 10 and year 12 reports to write and year 10 C/A to mark. All for the first day back. It’s ridiculous. Teachers can’t find the time to plan good lessons as it is without all the extra crap that goes with being a teacher. Hopefully, I can just plough through and get it done before the holidays start.

Finally, for this week, Ken Dawson has been working on the font for my front cover. We’re going to make the font darker and adjust the font at the bottom but here it is:


I’d read that. Until next week.

Ellen. Xoxo