Grimboldian wish list – 99p sale extravaganza

11055366_10155828582285375_6919857981543343036_nExciting news! For a few more days, you lucky people can get every single Grimbold catalogue for only 99p an ebook. Seriously, if you haven’t sorted your reading for your holibobs or are looking for something new to try in the fantasy genre, give us a go. It’s only 99p. you’d spend more on an icecream.

Being that we Grimboldians are all avid readers as well as writers, we want to read them all but here’s a few TBR piles from a few of our authors:


‘Spark and Carousel’, ‘Green Sky and Sparks’, ‘Non-Compliance series’, ‘The Sea Stone Sword’ & ‘Atlantis & the Game of Time.’

Joanne Hall author of ‘The Art of Forgetting Rider & Nomad’ & ‘Sparks and Carousel’:

‘Darkspire Reaches’,’White Mountain’, ‘The Spire of Frozen Fire’, and ‘In Search of Gods and Heroes’

Sophie E Tallis author of ‘White Mountain’:

Everyone’s but in the immediate to be read pile are Joel Cornah’s books, Joanne Hall’s, ‘Cruelty’ by Ellen Croshain and ‘Green Sky and Sparks’ by Kate Coe.

Steven Poore author of ‘Heir to the North’

‘Green Sky & Sparks’, ‘Reluctant Prophet’, ‘Darkspire Reaches’, ‘In Search of Gods & Heroes’, ‘Spark and Carousel’ & ‘Cruelty’.

Kate Coe author of ‘Green Sky and Sparks:

‘Cruelty’, ‘Darkspire Reaches’, ‘Songs of Seraphina’, ‘The Reluctant Prophet’, ‘Shadows over Avalon’ and ‘Felinity’.

Gillian O’Rourke author of ‘The Reluctant Prophet’

Currently reading ‘The Book of Prophecy’, then onto ‘White Mountain’, ‘In Search of Gods and Heroes’, ‘Cruelty’, and ‘Atlantis and the Game of Time’.

We’re excited to get these books for 99p! You should be too! You have until the 4th August to grab them!

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