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Spark and Carousel -review 

Amazon are throwing their weight around again and deleting reviews simply because I happen to know the author. This rule is bloody ridiculous. In the Indie world, people you know will end up reading your stuff and sometimes will want to review it. I loved the book and I bet you any money if I had given it less than a stellar review, it would not have been pulled. It is unfair to everyone, especially indies, to have such a rule. Sure, some people might try to abuse the system and post more reviews than people have read it (or be unneccessarily nasty, but those don’t get pulled) but I have a toddler. I don’t have time to read, let alone write reviews (this is being hastily typed while Small Crosháin eats a banana) so I would not be writing a review if I hadn’t read the bloody book! 

Anyway, here is my 5☆ review of this wonderful book: 

This novel, simply put, is a masterpiece. Once again Joanne Hall has proven that she is an expert world builder, as well as being able to write rounded and sympathetic characters. From the first words, this work grabs you and refuses to let go. It is a clever mix of swords, sorcery, intrigue, mystery and betrayal, balanced with humour and exactly the right amount of sex.

Cape Carey and its inhabitants feel real. It is easy to lose yourself in the twisting, turning underbelly of the city as you follow the journies of Spark, a young man with a terrifying power, and Carousel, the ‘street-rat’ girl who conquers the misfortunes thrown at her, rather than succumb to them.

There is so much to enjoy about this book from the mages Kayall and Elvienne, and their close and often fractious relationship, to the schemes of the vicious and ambitious Allorise.

It is so much more than your atypical swords and sorcery. With this novel, Hall has shown that she can stand with the giants of the genre, Hobbs, Martin, Lawrence and Gemell, and is very much holding her own. A fabulous, fabulous read.