About me

I’ve been writing practically my whole life. I write dark fantasy generally, although I will be branching into mystery for my new piece. My first novel ‘Cruelty’ is being published with Grimbold Books, an amazing independent publisher, who is devoted to producing the best fiction possible. I am looking forward to all the things the future is bringing my way.

I grew up in Northern Ireland but despite the fact I have a proper Irish Mammy hailing from Dublin and a Northern Irish father, my accent is so slight, it can only be caught in snatches. It makes my work as a spy much easier as no one actually knows where I’m from.

My love for story telling was cultivated by both of my parents as they would spend hours most days reading to me and my three younger siblings. I would spend hours myself entertaining them on the long trips they had to take as my father is a clergyman and we moved from parish to parish.

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing or telling stories. I always have a notepad on me and I take every opportunity to scribble down an idea or work on a chapter.

In my non-writing life, I am a teacher of English, a job I absolutely adore. I live in Wales, land of dragons, with my husband and my hoard of loyal guinea pig minions.

I love to Gothic fiction, horror, mystery, anything that gives me a thrill. I love anime, I am a Marvel fan and a very proud Trekkie.


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